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Impact Retirement - ESG focused target portfolios give employers a meaningful way to support a values based culture.

Employers around the world are looking within to ensure their stated values, mission and culture reflect a growing sense of responsibility to the environment, clients, employees, communities and stakeholders. Not only do many of these employers believe it is the right thing to do, but it's also what the next wave of talent is looking for in their next employer

For example, would a cancer research institute want to offer mutual funds that invest in tobacco stocks in their 401(k) retirement plan? Would an animal shelter want to offer investments in companies that test products on animals or manufacture leather or fur products? Does a non-profit focused on diversity and inclusion care about the diversity of the leadership within the companies they offer in their 403(b) retirement plan?

Impact Retirement gives employers a way to connect their stated values with their practices, more specifically their retirement plan. A way to putt their money where their mouth is!



Why ESG Target Portfolios?

  1. 90%+ of millennials want their employer and investments to promote environmental and social good. 

  2. Less than 20% of retirement plans offer at least one ESG investment option. 

  3. Target portfolios provide one-click diversification and professional allocation. 

  4. The DOL has given employers 26+ years of guidance for offering ESG focused investments within retirement plans. 

  5. A growing number of studies have found a connection between ESG factors and positive corporate financial performance, meaning you don't need to give up performance to consider ESG in your investment portfolio.

  6. It’s about choice: Adding Impact Retirement portfolios to a plan's existing fund line-up gives employees the choice to invest their retirement assets how they want. 

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Give Your Employees a Custom Web Experience

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