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ESG focused target portfolios for 401k, 403b & 457 Plans

Giving employees the choice to align their retirement assets with their values

How a company performs as a steward of the natural environment. Considerations include: Biodiversity, Land Use, Carbon Emissions, Climate Change, Energy Usage, Waste and Recycling


How a company manages its business relationships with its employees, clients and surrounding communities. Considerations include: Community Relations, Diversity, Employee Relations, Health & Safety and Responsible Marketing


How a company is managed. Considerations include: Transparency, Corruption, Accountability, Executive Pay and Board Structure

ESG investing in retirement plans


A growing number of employees want their employer and their investments to reflect their personal values. Impact Retirement ESG (environmental, social & governance) focused target portfolios give employees the ability to align their retirement assets with their values. It also gives employers a way to reinforce a culture that supports environmental, social and governance issues.
Additionally, research has linked some ESG factors to corporate financial performance, meaning these portfolios have the potential to perform as well, or better, than portfolios that do not consider ESG factors in their investment process. Investors do not have to give up performance to invest in companies with strong environment, social and governance profiles.
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Impact Retirement - ESG focused target portfolios give employers a meaningful way to support a values based culture.

More and more, organizations are striving to communicate the values they aspire to stand for - being good stewards of the environment, treating employees and customers fairly and with respect and having transparent and ethical leadership. However, there can sometimes be a disconnect between these stated values and the organization's actions or inactions. One small but meaningful contradiction can occur when the investments found in an employer's retirement plan are in direct conflict with these values.  


Do businesses that address global energy and pollution problems, treat their employees and partners fairly, and improve the standard of living around the world have the potential for financial success?

A number of academic and institutional studies have shown a positive connection between companies that have strong ESG records and their financial performance. Investors don't have to give up performance to have ESG factors considered in their portfolios.

Impact Retirement ESG focused portfolios offer employees professional allocation and diversification with the addition of an ESG (environmental, social, governance) lens. Employees get to align their retirement assets with their values with a single-click.

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ESG investing is quickly moving to the forefront of the investment conversation. Organizations like BlackRock, TIAA, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar, MSCI (1) and others have brightened the spotlight on ESG investing. Take the lead in starting an ESG conversation with your 401(k), 403(b) and 457 clients.

Sustainable, Responsible and Impact (SRI) Investing in the U.S. has grown to $8.7T(2)  as of the end of 2016, almost twice the size of the entire 401(k) market(3). However, when it comes to retirement plans, employees typically have few or no ESG investment options to choose from. One is even less likely to find plans that offer ESG versions of the target portfolios that have become the leading investment solution for Americans investing for retirement(4)

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